How do I quit Yo WhatsApp - Yo WhatsApp download

 How do I quit Yo WhatsApp? If you are still struggling with this question, then you should definitely read this article. Signing up for Yo WhatsApp is simple. All we have to do is enter our phone number and enter the password or confirmation code. Since Yo WhatsApp offers a direct sign-up option, it can be found without having to jump to another site. But unsubscribing to Yo WhatsApp is another matter.

How do I quit Yo WhatsApp - Yo WhatsApp download

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If you use the original WhatsApp and all of its modules, you'll find that almost none of them have an unsubscribe option. But there are always situations where you want to opt out, right? It may be because you are logged into your account on someone else's phone, or because you want to call another account. So what do you do? The answer is simple. Look around you.

As you can see from these screen shots, you can't log out of Yo WhatsApp. But don't worry, you can follow the steps that come with your phone to fix the problem.

  • Open your phone's Settings.
  • Find Application Management and click on it.
  • Under application management, locate Yo WhatsApp and click it. You will see the memory usage.
  • When you go to memory usage, you need to select Clear data, and you will see a message like this. Go ahead and click Delete.
  • After completing all these steps, open Yo WhatsApp again and you will see that you have logged out of your old account. You can now log into a new account.